BLACK OPS, The Documentary is a film that follows the journey of one Black American firearms enthusiast [Aaargo Jay] around the country seeking out other responsible Black gun owners. Race relations in the United States are dangerously reaching the highest levels in our country’s history since the Civil Rights Era. From Politics to Law Enforcement relations with urban/metropolitan communities, examples of this dreadful racial divide play out on our televisions, on the Internet/social media and in newspapers daily. Throughout the span of less than a calendar year, Aaargo Jay and friends will address and attempt to invalidate the negative images and expel the stereotypes of Blacks Americans and guns in America.

“I’m not a criminal or a thug, but that is not how a lot of America sees me, and they [Non-Black Americans] must be made to see us as fellow responsible individuals that positively contribute to and make up the citizenry of America. The current social climate of this country has opened the door for many racists to become more open about their feelings, especially relating to firearm ownership. Sadly, their feelings are based in ignorance, and ignorance breeds like rabbits.", says Aaargo Jay.

BLACK OPS, The Documentary is on track to shine light on the dark racial and social divide plaguing our beloved country.