Who is Aaargo Jay?

Father. Educator. Mentor. Writer. Gun Rights Activist. Civil Rights Activist. Or is he just a guy?

If you ask him, he'd tell you that he is just a guy.  However, spend a few minutes with him and you will soon find out that he is all of the aforementioned. His passion for advocacy is directly related to the love he has for his family. Making sure the world is a safe place for them to live their lives is paramount for Aaargo Jay. 

"My children and family are my world. I have been flawed in my life, I take every day as an opportunity to right the wrongs of not only myself, but of those who want to cancel our Freedoms as American citizens."

He is always trying to change the narrative on firearms ownership and how it relates to the diverse make up of the country's population. Whether it's a YouTube video, podcast, written articles, speaking on a panel or on television, his message is always the same.

"Our rights are ours not by legislation or litigation, but by divine ordination. God gave us the right to protect life, and our constitution [US Constitution] secures those rights for every citizen. It doesn't matter your color, race, religion lifestyle choices or political affiliation. Gun rights belong to all the people. GUN RIGHTS ARE CIVIL RIGHTS! End of story."

This website is a way to bring the passion for firearms advocacy and Freedom directly to the people. It offers them a way to find their voice and support the change that needs to happen in our country. There is more than one way for people to become part of the solution, versus staying a part of the problem.

The time is ALWAYS to do what's right.

How will you find your voice?